Frequently Asked Questions

Here is were you can get your questions answered. Please browse through our FAQs and if you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us.

Yes, absolutely! Every member gets 5 Free posts a month.

By default, all posts will be listed for 120 days from the date it is published. However if you want to take it down early or mark as sold, you may do so at any time from your Account dashboard.

No, we are trying our best to eliminate fraudulent/fake ad posts so we have decided to review all submitted posts  before publishing them.

If we believe your ad to be fraud/fake/scam or the information you have listed has been reported, we have the right to not publish your ads. 

If you think you have been flagged by error, please contact us right away. 

Free Membership - Everyone get a free membership account upon registration. You will be able to post a maximum of 5 classified ads a month as a free member.

Pro Bundle Membership ($19.99)* - If you want to get the most out of your money, this is the membership for you! 

  • - 15 Additional classified ad posting
  • - 5 Featured ads
  • - 5 Top ads
  • - 5 Bump Up ads

* All Pro Bundle and Max Ads benefits will expire at the close of 30 days from the date of purchase. After this, you will have to purchase a new Pro Bundle or Max Ads membership in order to continue using your privileges. 

1. To start posting your classified ads, you will first need to register and become a member.  Registration is free and quick.  

Click here to register to become a member.

2. Once you have registered, login to your account and click on the Post Ad button at the top of the page (for mobile users, look for Post Ad link in the menu).

3. Next, you will select your Ad Type (Selling/Giveaway or Buying) and the Category that best suites the listing you are about to post. 

4. Once you are done filling out all the required fields to post, click Submit Listing.

5. The last part is optional. You will be able to choose if you want to add Promotions to your ad. If you decide to give your post a boost later, you will be able to do so from My Listings under your account page. 

You can use our paid promotional tools such as:

Featured Ad - $2/per ad: Your ad posting will be displayed as one of our Featured posts on our home page.  *Featured ads will be selected at random for display.*

Top Ad - $2/per ad: Your ad post will be highlighted and displayed at the top of the "All Listings" page and on the category page you have selected for your post for 14 days.  *Top ads will be selected at random for display.*

Bump Up Ad - $2/per ad : Normally, the most recent ads are placed at the top of the listing, however, when you use Bump Up ad feature, your ad post will be bumped up to the very top once a day for 14 days as if you had just posted your ad. Placement will be right under the Top Ad.

Top ad and Bump Up ad placementTops ads and Bump Up ads

Featured ad placement 
Featured ad placement

If you want to get the most out of your money,  you can upgrade your account to a Pro Bundle membership.

Pro Bundle - $19.99

  • 15 Additional classified ad posting
  • 5 Featured ads
  • 5 Top ads
  • 5 Bump Up ads

* *All bundle benefits will expire at the close of 30 days from the date of purchase. After this, you will have to purchase a new pro Bundle to continue using your Bundle privileges.

Try being creative in your ads

You can also stand out by being creative within your posting. You can try using attractive words and be as descriptive as possible so viewers understand what you are selling or what you are looking for if you are buying. Including pictures in your ads is another good way to help attract more viewers and leave an impression.

You must have an account with us first. Sign-up is free and easy. Click here! Once you have your account, go to My Account and you will see Breeder Application link. Fill out all required fields on the form and submit your application. We will review your application and once approved, you will be converted to a Breeder account. 

When you have a breeder account with us, you will be able to see  Breeder Profile link on your My Account page. From there you can make any edits on your breeder profile if you need to in the future. 

Anyone with an account with us are able to submit Breeder Applications. However, our goal is to keep our directory listings current and as accurate as possible, so if you are a start-up business as a  Breeder, you may apply to be listed with us.

Important - If we are getting complaints that make us doubt your legitimacy as a breeder, or we suspect your listing information to be false, we reserve the right to delete your listing, modify, and/or terminate your account with no prior warning. Please do not put false information or upload images that you do not own the right to use or do not have a permission from the original owner.